Solo Exhibitions

1980    Artist Hall, Beer-Sheva

1981     Richter and Delson Gallery, Jerusalem

1982     Beer-Sheva Municipal Library

1984     Mitzpeh-Ramon Municipal Museum

1985     Beer-Sheva Municipal Library

1991     Artist’ Hall, Ein Hod Artists’ Village

1994     Southern Breeze at the Beer-Sheva Municipal Library

1996     Southern Breeze II at the Arad Museum Gallery

2002    Dialog With Paper at the gallery of Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

           Dialog With Paper II at the gallery of teacher’s Center in Beer-Sheva

2003    I Have No Other Land at Tsiurim Gallery in Kibbutz Urim

            "leaves of songs" Ben gurion University of the negev Gallery.Beer-Sheva.

            I Have No Other Land at Kibbutz Mashabei Sade Gallery

            I Have No Other Land at the Israeli Painter Association Gallery, Tel Aviv

2004    Paper Road exhibition at Kay Academic College Gallery, Beer-Sheva

2005     "Roots"'at the "Beer-Tzeva"Gallery-Beer-Sheva.

2007     "Dialog with Paper2-"Beit Daphna Gallery- Omer.

2008      "Substance and soul" Artist's –House ,Beer-Sheva.

2009      "Negev'Lanscapes structures . Sce –Academy Gallery-Beer-Sheva.

2010       "Zohar" –Beit Ha Omanim_Artist's House –Beer-Sheva.

2011        "Light" –"on the Hill" Gallery- Metar.

2012       "Lighted Paper"- Municipal Library- Beer-Sheva.


Group Exhibitions


1980     Weitzman Gallery, Beer-Sheva

1981      ZOA (Zionist Organization of America) House, Tel Aviv

            Binyanei Ha’Uma (Jerusalem National Auditorium)

1982     Chagall House – Artists’ Hall, Haifa




1983     Beer-Sheva Municipal Library

1984     Beit Elie Museum, Ashqelon

1985     Municipal Gallery – Artist’s hall, Jerusalem

1987     Arad Museum, Arad

1989     Prints Museum, Zefad

            Zionist Federation – Jerusalem House

1990     Kibbutz Ha’Zorea Museum

1992      Beit Yad LaBanim (War Memorial Museum), Beer-Sheva

1993      Ministry of Education, Beer-Sheva Bureau

1997      Exhibition at the Main Post, Copenhagen Denmark


Selected Group Exhibitions


1984     Negev Museum and the Visual Workshop

1986     Negev Museum and the Visual Workshop

1987     Negev Museum and the Visual Workshop

1989     Paper Reprint from the Beginning, Zefad Museum

           The Zionist Federation House, Jerusalem

1991     Three Dimensional Competition (Wilfrid House)  in Creative Paper Exhibition)

          Paper Artists Exhibition in memoriam of Joyce Schmidt, Paper Mill, Beer-Sheva

1995     Exhibit of Israeli Artists, portable exhibit around Israel under the auspices

            of the Minister of Education, Prof. A. Rubinstein.

1996     Portable exhibition, at the Joe Alon Museum of the Negev, under the

            auspices of the Minister of Education

            Beer-Sheva municipal gallery

            Textures from the land of the Negev

            Exhibition of Artist Teachers at the third national teachers’ conference at 

            the Jerusalem Auditorium (Nation’s Buildings)

            Exhibition of Mail Art of Future Communication, IAPMA, Post Denmark


1998     Colors at Beer-Sheva Municipal Library

1999     Threads of Light at the Nesher Haifa Cultural Auditorium

            Love at the Artist’s Home in Tel Aviv (miniature exhibits)

            The Hebrew Letter at Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv

            Moz Muse II at the Hankin College Gallery in Holon

            Save the Shade at the Ein Hod Artists Village Gallery (following a forest

            fire  there)

            Tanakh (Bible) at Angel Gallery in Jerusalem

            From Nature into Science, Omer Open Museum

2000    Carmel as a Tree Planted on Water at the Simgallery in Moshav Megadim

            Amanimenta – Women Painting and Sculpturing, Jerusalem Theater 

            Amanimenta -  an exhibit of 3 environmental sculptures “From the Negev

           to Jerusalem with Love” in City Hall Safra Square, Jerusalem, as part of a sculpture exhibition in the
         framework of National Woman Year under the auspices of the Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem
           Year 2000

            Celebrations committee, and Na’amat Women Organization.

            Brook Fibers in Ein-Afek Nature reserve, Haifa

            The Negev Artists Present in Beit Zionei America, Tel Aviv

2001     Like a Crimson Thread, an exhibition of paper works in the Culture Hall in Ashqelon

            Connections – Artists bring their friends in Ein-Hod Artists Village Gallery

            A tree of Life Shall Bloom in Our Yard, a group exhibition of paper works

            in the Hankin Technological College, Holon            

            The Growth in the Brook (canticles), an exhibition of paper works in Ein-

            Afek – a nature reserve, Haifa In the Footsteps of the Philistine Bird, at

            the Ashdod Museum.

2002     Postcards exhibition  IN Simgallery - Megadim

            "skin & Paper - Triennale in Val de Charmey Museum, Switzerland



2003     " Carrier, Carrying, & Carriage , at Holon College

             Paper Road, international Triennale in Charmey Museum-Switzerland.

             Like a clay in the hand of creator ,Artists house –Haifa.

          Like your neighbor –flag and Banner international exhibition-at the Strings

             and Paper, in Ein-Afek Natural Reserve Love your Neighbourand Banner,

             International Congress  -Haifa.

2004      " Moz-Muse 2"-  11Triennale   -Art Centre Gallery_Lodz-Poland.

2005      "5e  InternationaleTriennale Paper" Musee Val De Charmey- Switzerland.



               As curator                 

               "Woman in Paper" Ganei Tikva Theater Gallery-Tel  Aviv.

               "Flap of Wings" Ein Afec natural  reserve.

2007       "Water" Ein Afek natural reserve.

               "Rugs Simgallery –Moshav Megadim – Hof Carmel.

               "Psalms" international Paper exhibition in the Bible Museum-

               Tel Aviv.                                        

               "Point of view" –Municipal Library- Beer-Sheva.

2008       "A women from legends"  -Beit Asia Gallery – Tel-Aviv.

               "Southern Breeze" an International  Paper group exhibition –

               As co-curator.' In Academy Kaye Gallery –Beer-Sheva.

2009       "Not Red only" –Gan Shmuel Kiboutz – Gallery.

2010       "Chaine de Papier"-Livres D'Artistes" –Future in Paper" Hotel de la

               Condamine –Le Vigan- France.


2010       "Paper'Substance'Sculptures" Beit Gavriel Gallery – Kinneret.        

               As curator.

               "Paper Time"-Haifa &Northern District Chagal House

               "Miriad "Prints and sculpture exhibition-Ein Afek house.    

               "Spring in Metar" "on the Hill" Galery –Metar – as curator.

2011         "Renewal" eco-Art "on the Hill" Gallery-Metar.

                "Near The House….Memory- Negev" Academy- Kaye Gallery-            


                "In Between" an International Paper exhibition –Vilfrid Museum,

                Kibutz Ha Zorea.- and  Negev Museum in Beer-Sheva –Israel.

                "Eco-Art" Rishon le Sion Theatre Gallery.

                "Paper Artist's in Israel"  Book Publication – Primitive Gallery


                "Paper leaves"_ Botanical Garden  Gallery – Jerusalem.

                "Vision  2" An International exhibition-Katholish Stadhaus-                 

                Wuppertal- Germany.

               "7e Triennale Paper" international exhibition in Mueum Val De Charmey


                "Silver"- sculptural and Artists Book- 69 Smith Street

                Gallery Australia. 

                "Paper and Type-Print"- Cheongju Internatinal Biennale 2011.

2012         "Mother- Tongue - Nation –tongue"  Yad le Banim- Memorial

                House- Rishon le Zion. 

                " Paper Biennale Rijswik"  -2012 un Mermanno Museum in the haag-

                Nederland .


                "Watermark" Iapma Paper Biennale in Cleveland- USA

                "In The hot seat"- Proximity Gallery in Cleveland  - USA

2013         Faszination a touring exhibition. 

                Amateras"  In Sofia Paper Art  fest 2013   

2014        "shaping Matter with the hand of the creator" Kaye Academy of Art- In

                Beer Sheva -Israel

                "October" – In the Municipal Library – In Beer_Sheva-Israel. 





1994, 1996 As Southern District Coordinator for the second and third Biannual (Biennale) for the your
                 exhibitions, at the Jerusalem Theater and at

                 the  home of the President of Israel.

                 Children Draw Peace at the Jerusalem National Auditorium.

1998          In the Secret of Light, as curator of the exhibit on the topic of light, a

                portable exhibit at five high-schools and at the Kiryat Gat Diaspora

                Museum, Hanevi’im Campus.

1999         Initiator and co-curator of From Nature Into Science, Omer Open


2001         Co-curator of Like a Crimson Thread, an exhibition of paper works in

                the Culture Hall in Ashquelon.

2007         "Tehilim" "Psalms- o curator in Bible Museum- Tel Aviv.

2009        "Southern Breeze" Internationale paper exhibition –Kaye college _


2010         "Spring In Metar" –"on the hill"Gallery –Metar.


2011          "Renewal" –Eco-Art group exhibition- On the Hill"Gallery – Metar


2013         1th. Paper  international Biennale in Artist' house in Beer-Sheva - Israel

2013 –      Faszination a touring exhibition.

                Amateras"  In Sofia Paper Art  fest 2013   

2014 –     "shaping Matter with the hand of the creator" Kaye Academy of Art- In Beer Sheva -Israel "October"                – In the Municipal Library – In Beer_Sheva- Israel. 

2014       "The Nexus of Art and Craft in Papermaking" _ Museo della Carta e Della

              Filigrana  Fabriano –Italy.

2015       International Biennial for Paper & Fibre Art-New Brewery Art Center- Cirenster-Gloucestershire ,UK

2015 -   " Amateras" – Sofia paper Art  – Bulgary

2015 _   "LIGHT"  - Trumpeldor Gallery _Beer Sheva